About Me
© Jenna Henderson 2014

© Jenna Henderson May 2014

Hi! I’m Stacy, a thirty-something living, working, and somehow managing to survive in Nashville with my lawfully wedded boyfriend, dog, and two cats.

I have an English degree which has thus far served me ill professionally (I get really excited on the rare occasions I do get to use it), a creative streak I’m trying hard to get back in the habit of using, and a strong desire to reacquaint myself with coding and web design–a skill I used quite a bit in a previous position, but haven’t had the opportunity to exercise professionally in some time.

You’re sure to discover more about me and my thoughts, views, and personality if you stick around!

What’s “this,” you ask? Well, “this” is a lot of things. Bad habits, preconceived notions, lethargy, complacency. I plan to use this blog to chronicle my life, of course, as I work on self-improvement, try new things, consume media, and journey my way through this adventure called life.



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A thinker, a reader, a dreamer, a would-be world traveler.

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