Elegance for All: We’re Taking on Plus Size!


And since this is a blog about my journey to health, I’m going to reblog this. Being bigger isn’t necessarily unhealthy (nor is being smaller necessarily healthy). I really like ModCloth and over the past few months it seems they’ve had a huge influx of items with a more diverse size range.

Originally posted on Story by ModCloth:

Elegance for All, by ModCloth

One of the longest standing pieces of feedback we’ve received throughout the years has come from our community of plus size shoppers about the lack of items available to them. We’ve always been dedicated to helping women of all shapes and sizes find designs that delight her and make her feel like the best version of herself. However, providing our plus size customers with the best possible product has proven especially difficult in an industry that’s often relegated any woman above a size 14 to dowdy styles and ill-fitting cuts.

The news today, though, is that we’re out to change that. Last week, we announced our pledge to revolutionize the plus size fashion industry. Learn more about how and why we’re doing it — and the amazing pop-up event, Elegance for All, we hosted to kick off the efforts and celebrate our community.

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