Well THOSE got left to yesterday.

Quick update because I don’t have the energy for much more. Had surgery yesterday. Looking in the mirror is weird and will take getting used to. I’m really sore and even though a had a literal weight lifted off my chest, it still feels pretty heavy due to swelling and this compression vest. I go … Continue reading


So lately my jean collection has gotten pretty ratty. For years now it has mostly consisted of items from Old Navy and not much else. And the truth is, jeans from Old Navy are overpriced and pretty awful in quality. Yes, my thighs do rub together, but I shouldn’t be hurting for jeans after two … Continue reading


Okay, I’ve been away for a bit, last leaving you with a cryptic message about reasons and such. So here’s the sitch. At the beginning of February I had a consultation with a surgeon regarding a breast reduction. My chest has always been large, and for once in my life I just didn’t let it … Continue reading

Things are looking up in regards to the issue I mentioned last time. I don’t want to get my hopes too high (again) because I don’t want to face the devastation and emotional roller coaster of the past week, but I’m waiting on some things to fall into place and then hopefully things will start … Continue reading

Just a quick entry to address why I haven’t made any entries: Some events have happened that have…well, not gone the way I had hoped, so I am dealing with the aftermath of all of that. Long story short it’s taking an emotional toll to the point where thinking about it makes my lip quiver, … Continue reading

One of those weeks.

Oops, I missed yesterday. But see, I’m being good! I’m posting now! So this has been one of those weeks that starts out with the best of intentions but gets thwarted at every turn. Long story short…um…it’s Girl Scout cookie time. You know. The most wonderful time of the year. The one we all wait … Continue reading

Food of the Day

Like an outfit of the day, but with food. I am eating the food, not wearing it. I have an app on my phone to track this, which tracks nutrition and whatnot, but I’m crap at keeping up with it, so hopefully I can do it more easily here, once a day instead of every … Continue reading

Okay. Take 2.

So I’ve been silent for about 3 months. I will give you some updates: I got married on December 13. I have been going to physical therapy for some things, including my back problems. I am going to have a breast reduction in the very near future. I am trying to get my eating back … Continue reading

Oh, neglect.

I swear I’m going to come back to this blog. I have to. I have to hold myself accountable. I have to make myself better. But right now it’s just…well the year took a turn I was expecting it to take, but it all happened…I don’t know. Timing, I guess. Timing is everything, and right … Continue reading


This was bound to happen. Actually, no, when I started this, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I knew it was a strong possibility but I was going to try REALLY HARD to keep up with this blog. Then a whole big wedding thing had to happen and now all my time’s taken up … Continue reading